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Our List of the Longest Lasting Cars that Go the Distance

Our List of the Longest Lasting Cars that Go the Distance

With countless options on the market, pinpointing used vehicles that don’t just endure, but dominate high mileage challenges is part of the process for Sunridge Auto customers. Our sales advisors know, when someone asks about longest lasting cars, they're looking for reliability, lower repair costs, and more!

This article highlights cars celebrated for their longevity and unwavering dependability, averaging and incorporating various categories. Prepare to discover SUVs that go the distance, sedans that get you from A to B, and pickups that do the work—all used cars that serve over years and even decades.

How to Narrow Down Your Longest Lasting Car Choices

  • Toyota and Honda dominate the list of long-lasting cars, with models like the Camry, Civic, and Accord well-known for surpassing the 400,000-kilometer mark.
  • Pickups like the Ford F-350, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500—alongside heavy-duty trucks such as the Dodge Ram 2500, are engineered for durability—often reaching or exceeding the 400,000-kilometer milestone.
  • Hybrids aren’t just eco-friendly but also durable, with the Toyota Prius and hybrids granting fuel efficiency over low and high mileage alike. The 1 million km milestone is well within reach for it too.
  • SUVs like the Toyota Highlander proving that green vehicles can maintain high mileage and variable driving conditions over time.

Champions of Longevity: Vehicles That Surpass 400,000 Km

Newer Honda Civic model on a private road with lush trees in background after rain

At Sunridge Auto, we are always glad to get our hands on a newer used Honda Civic because we know there's always a conscientious buyer ready to take it to an above average high mileage!

Imagine a car that you take well into its last years. You can count on one hand how many hundreds of dollars it costs you every year, including regular vehicle service.

This is the domain of vehicles designed for remarkable endurance, regularly reaching milestones like 400,000 kilometers with ease as if it were taking a casual stroll through a neighbourhood park. It runs just as well at high mileage as it did at low mileage.

For many of Sunridge Auto's customers and forum users, the Toyota Camry and resilient Honda Civic are cars that have done that for them. Each provides a reliable ride almost universally known for its longevity—with there being "no good reason" why the Civic in particular can't go the same distance.

When maintained properly, these cars aren’t just surviving—they’re performing; this consistency is what defines the longest lasting vehicle. Good maintenance is a rule of thumb applies to all the vehicles and makes on the list! Without it, the reliability and durability manufacturers build in loses momentum.

The Hallmarks of Longevity: Durability, Reliability, and Effective Maintenance

The remarkable longevity of vehicles comes from a combination of expert build and engineering and high-quality parts that run like Swiss watches, from engines to transmissions.

An OEM's build quality and reliability are what many auto customers have come to trust, which impacts sales. Over time, sales loyalty to car makes have proved the loyalty to familiar brands with sales data from 2021 through 2022—including Toyota, with a 62.2% loyalty rate and Ford with a 63.6% truck loyalty rate.

And of course, every vehicle owner can influence a car's reliability, maximizing their returns on build quality with the right care.

Notable Mentions: Cars That Push it to the Limit

Newer Blue Toyota Camry on bright summer day cruising highway 1a in Alberta

At Sunridge Auto, a newer used Toyota Camry buyer can look at higher mileage as a feature, knowing full well that this vehicle has perhaps hundreds of thousands of km left in its useful life.

The brand Toyota is well-regarded for producing vehicles that epitomize durability, consistently creating cars seemingly designed for astronomical distances over decades of use.

The Toyota Camry exemplifies this tradition of longevity with its variety of engine choices, all packaged within a modern good quality technology. The Toyota Tacoma stands as another notable model that reinforces the brand’s status as a maker of long-lasting automobiles.

Meanwhile, Honda rivals in reputation when it comes to manufacturing reliable vehicles. Notably renowned for their robustness are models like the Honda Civic, which can reach impressive mileages throughout their life cycle.

The Marathon Runners: Top Pickup Trucks Engineered for the Long Haul

Cars that last long don't always have demands put upon them. They just get from A to B. But trucks often live a life of duty.

In our experience with customers seeking used vehicles with utility, we come often turn to pickup trucks—true endurance champions meeting the needs of practicality.

Designated with longevity at their core, examples such as the formidable Ford F-350 Super Duty along with its storied sibling, the F-150 series show their grit—not only proving reliability but also defining it in the truck enthusiast community, as evidenced by some outliers exceeding a million miles.

With an unyielding dedication to building durable trucks that last, Ford has cemented its position as a beloved mainstay on Alberta's roads and beyond—for upwards of four decades. The Ford F-350 Super Duty is also the most likely to last over 400,000 km.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

Dodge Ram 2500 on township road in foothills near the Rocky Mountains

Dodge Ram fans have raved for years to us about the abuse this truck can take while serving faithfully at above average high mileage!

Trucks such as the Ram 2500 and GMC Sierra 2500HD stand as champions of towing capacity and rulers in long-haul endurance. With their sturdy design and a focus on reliability, these vehicles excel when faced with challenging conditions and extensive mileage.

These trucks can easily surpass the impressive threshold of 250,000 miles with great care taken and respect for Dodge and GMC's OEM limits.

Light-Duty Trucks

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 rises to prominence as a beacon among light-duty trucks. This full-size pickup from Chevrolet not only promises daily ease of use, but also boasts the potential to surpass the impressive milestone of 400,000 kilometers.

Its sister in GM's other make, GMC, matches and even beats this truck in reliability—with the Sierra 1500 often lasting over 480,000 kilometers or 300,000 miles.

The SUV Survivors: Durable Models Built for Adventure and Family Life

Newer Green Toyota Sequoia offroading by a lake on a cloudy day

The Toyota Sequoia is a rare find at low mileage because they so often get sold at above average high mileage! Don't even get us started on the Land Cruiser.

When we get new customers at Sunridge Auto, we often point them to SUVs, which effortlessly juggle off-road pathfinding and well-paved family adventures. We find that the champions in full-size vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and its counterpart, the Toyota Sequoia.

These models epitomize a perfect harmony between ruggedness and comfort. Notably, the first-generation Sequoia is celebrated for its remarkable endurance over high miles and generous roominess to accommodate life’s journeys.

The Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sequoia have garnered a reputation for being virtually unstoppable on the mileage front. These full-size SUVs are not just about expansive interiors and powerful performance; they are also about setting the bar high in terms of mileage endurance.

It's not uncommon for a well-maintained Land Cruiser to venture beyond the 300,000-kilometer mark, with numerous stories of these vehicles hitting 800,000 kilometers and more, showcasing Toyota's commitment to building vehicles that hit staggering mileages—and not in isolated instances either!

Off-Road Warriors for Foothills and Rocky Mountains

The Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota Tundra stand out as bastions of durability, expertly engineered to conquer unforgiving terrains with 4.1% of self-reported owners reliably exceeding 320,000 kilometres or 200,000 miles—many of them off the beaten track.

Simpler and Comfier Duty Vehicles

Conversely, if the comfort of the interior and amenities conducive to family life are top concerns, midsize crossovers such as the Acura MDX and Honda Pilot present an ideal combination of resilience and simplicity.

These SUVs, offering both front-wheel or all-wheel drive configurations along with accommodation for as many as eight passengers, serve up flexible and robust options tailored for those who frequently go on family excursions or Rocky Mountain ski trips with friends.

Sedans That Stand the Test of Time

Drivers who value aesthetics and a tidy, compartmentalized life often favor sedans, with models such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Avalon defining longevity and long service in this category.

These sedans offer exceptional safety credentials and ability to accumulate high mileage demonstrate that these sedans do go the distance and do so in style. But there's a natural divide that serves sedan drivers with a budget and those for whom budget comes second to style. Enter the economy sedan.

Economy Meets Endurance

Advanced new Honda Civic performing well on mountain road in summer day

At Sunridge Auto, the newer a used Honda Civic, the better. The technology in newer vehicles is just as reliable as the long-lasting powertrain. They're also easy to maintain!

The concept of cost-effective longevity is embodied in vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic models.

When it comes to high mileage champions, the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla stand out as the marathoners of the automotive world. These compact sedans are renowned for their ability to effortlessly cruise past the 400,000-kilometer marker, with numerous instances of Civics and Corollas reaching upwards of 800,000 kilometers with proper care.

Luxury That Lasts

The Lexus ES, a paragon of luxury and reliability, is no stranger to the high-mileage club. Owners love to report that these elegant sedans cruising well beyond the 400,000-kilometer mark, are a testament to Lexus' meticulous engineering and quality construction. It's also worth mentioning the Subaru legacy here!

With its serene cabin and smooth ride, the Lexus ES transforms long-distance travel into a refined experience, proving that indulgence and endurance can indeed go hand-in-hand. The Lexus ES as a smart choice for those seeking a dependable luxury car with a proven track record for longevity.

The Minivan Mainstays: Family Haulers with Mile-High Mileage

Despite the growing popularity of three-row SUVs, minivans such as the Toyota Sienna maintain their status as stalwarts for family transportation. They deliver exceptional mileage and unparalleled convenience for both long journeys and regular drives, standing out as reliable, spacious vehicles ideal for active families.

The term ‘Sienna Standard’ has caught on as the benchmark for family minivans, highlighting a renowned durability. The Toyota Sienna sets itself apart as an ideal long-term family vehicle with its standard hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive (AWD) capabilities.

Hybrid Pioneers: Eco-Friendly Vehicles with Lasting Power

Newer Toyota Prius in blue on dramatic rainy intersection downtown

A newer used Toyota Prius is well worth asking for up front when you talk to a Sunridge Auto sales advisor due to the ability to make it go for exceptionally high mileage!

Hybrid cars have dispelled the belief that environmentally conscious engineering sacrifices longevity.

Leading examples, such as the Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander, and Kia Sportage have proven hybrid powertrains are capable of enduring extensive distances, with certain models achieving remarkable mileages comparable to traditional vehicles.

The Trailblazing Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is more than a hybrid vehicle. It stands as an innovator that trend-set the stage for an entire sector. A taxi of this model has approached 1 million kilometers, results that speak for themselves.

Hybrid SUVs Going the Distance

Hybrid SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander and Kia Sportage have expanded on the legacy of hybrid endurance beyond just sedans. They provide robust acceleration, improved safety functionalities, and sustainably deliver incredibly high mileage over an extended period.

The Economic Equation: Affordability Meets Longevity

The concept that cars can be both durable and reasonably priced isn’t just fanciful dreaming. It’s an achievable fact. For many, the price of a used car is all-important, and whether you're looking for something very cheap or a used car under $20K—value over time for money now is the equation.

Newer models of the Toyota Corolla and Subaru Legacy exemplify this notion by providing vehicles with lasting longevity and reliability, all while being gentle on your wallet for those seeking practical, long-lasting cars without breaking the bank.

Cost-Effective Choices for the Long-Term

For those looking for value without sacrificing excellence, Sunridge Auto sales advisors have a few top of mind. Brands such as Kia and Hyundai have reimagined affordability to include vehicles that feature top-notch safety innovations, economical fuel consumption, and a well-established history of enduring many miles—all at an attainable cost.

Discontinued But Not Forgotten: Legacy Models That Keep Going

Discontinued models like the Chevrolet Avalanche and Honda Element have created a lasting legacy, transcending their production lifespan by continuing to offer performance and reliability. These vehicles maintain a devoted fan base long after they cease to be produced, becoming icons in their own regard.

Check Out Sunridge Auto for Brands Synonymous with Durability

Used cars of various makes and models lined up and ready to last for used car buyer

Toyota and Honda dominate the list of long-lasting cars, with models like the Camry, Civic, and Accord well-known for surpassing the 400,000-kilometer mark

In a market teeming with options, brands like Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Ford, Chevrolet and GMC have become champions durability and legacy.

They rise above the competition by providing vehicles that not only last but also perform exceptionally well over time. This enduring quality is attributed to their commitment to reliability, expert engineering practices, and a blend of luxury with sustainability in design. All an owner has to do is maintain them well.

Searching for a used vehicle that can endure through the years doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re in need of tough trucks, long-lasting sedans, or popular hybrids that blend innovation with resilience—there’s a dependable option on our vehicle lot in northeast Calgary. Toyota, Honda, and Ford are among the brands leading the way, by forming benchmarks we love to praise.

Making an investment in a car that serves reliably saves money down the road. Book a test drive and seek one of these storied models from Sunridge Auto's available used vehicles; find your ride to unwavering reliability, steadfast durability, and exceptional longevity.

Want to know all the details about how to buy a vehicle in Alberta? Here's a great guide covering things you need to know when buying a used car.

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